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The EPrints UWE Research Repository is no longer accepting deposits and is no longer updated. It has been replaced by the Project Information and Management System (PIMS). From 23rd July 2019 please log in to PIMS and click on ‘Outputs’ to deposit a new output.

The UWE Research Repository provides immediate world-wide open access to all of UWE's research output.

If you wish to deposit a research dataset please visit the UWE Bristol Data Repository.

Is your research eligible for the next REF?

From 1 April 2016 HEFCE requires that UWE researchers wishing to be eligible for the next REF exercise must deposit a version of the full text of their published research in the UWE Research Repository within three months of it being accepted for publication.

This applies to journal articles and to items published in conference proceedings with an ISSN.

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