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Falcon Commodity Services is a company with the environment in mind. FCS was established to help our clients meet their needs in a number of physical commodities. Today, we pride ourselves in being a diverse supplier of raw materials, from industrial metals, through plastics to foodstuffs, like grains and tropical foods for the food and catering industries.  We are a company that maximizes value through our understanding of logistics and warehousing. We specialize in making your buying process simple and help our clients to source everything from small mixed grades to full truck and tanker loads.

At FCS our work processes stem from our vision.  For example, we do not see waste belonging in landfills.  Instead, we see its potential for future use. We believe that one man's trash can also be that man's treasure. In today's world it is possible to recycle several materials, metals and plastics into a multitude of useful consumer products.  FCS can help make this happen.
We liaise with domestic and foreign recyclable part wholesalers in order to provide our clients with the materials need to manufacture their products. Our unique diversity of input services allows us to accept higher volumes of material than many of our competitors

When can it be done?
Today! Our main focus is to meet your needs for your benefit. We have an extensive sales team with years of experience in providing viable solutions for your specific needs. We will dedicate a sales representative that specializes in your specific region and knows the best way to transform your business.

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