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Mosaic Picture Art

Available to buy online - this range of large, colourful and affordable Mosaic Picture Art will decorate your walls and floors, indoors or outdoors.

Custom made from thousands of vitreous glass mosaic tiles, in the UK by Kaamar.

  • "Framed Mosaic Wall Art" mosaics are crafted onto a waterproof board, fully tiled and grouted.
  • "Mosaic Tile Art" mosaics are supplied on mesh backed sheets ready for tiling and grouting.
  • "Mosaic Accents" Aluminium picture framed and budget friendly, these hand-made mosaics now allow the widespread introduction of crafted mosaic art into home decor as colour accents.
  • "Mosaic Mirrors" Accentuate your decor with this range of colourful mosaic mirrors, hand made in the UK, these mirrors will brighten up your walls or with optional stands many can be used to decorate your dressing table or other surfaces.


50% off all stock mosaic pictures, mosaic accents and mosaic mirrors: Special Offers

Create a custom Tile Mosaic Design online from your own picture!

On our design site Kaamar.com, you can upload a picture to design your own mosaic online.
This is our conventional shop for UK customers: Designs from this shop are also available at Kaamar.com for worldwide ordering and delivery, where you can resize them or change grout colour to your requirements.
Kaamar Limited - Logo Horizontal Line

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