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Welcome to Angel Dental

Dental Clinic Reception Streetly

Thank you for expressing an interest in the Angel Dental Clinic for your dental care. We believe that you should keep your teeth for life!

We understand how important a healthy smile is to you and your family. We provide a full range of private dental care, from preventive and family dentistry to orthodontics and cosmetic treatment.

Our modern, relaxed dental practice has been designed to make you feel comfortable and we aim to make every visit an enjoyable experience. We have a convenient main road location with free parking and excellent public transport links.

We look forward to welcoming you to our practice !


Dental Clinic in Sutton Coldfield


General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Treat your teeth with dedicated work from Angel Dental. Our team are here to ensure that your teeth are not only healthy, but also look their very best.

We provide a whole range of general and cosmetic dentistry treatments including:


Our Location

1 Sutton Oak Corner
Baker's Lane
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B74 2DH

Get in Touch

T - 0121 353 0483

E - [email protected]

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Opening Hours

 Monday   :    08:30  -  17:00 
 Tuesday   :   08:30  -  20:00
 Wednesday : 08:30  -  17:00
 Thursday   : 08:30  -  17:00
 Friday   : 08:30  -  17:00
 Saturday : By appointment
 Evenings : Now available


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