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We offer stock and bespoke bags that ensure
secure handling and storage.

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Tamper Evident Bags & Seals

Use tamper evident bags for the storage and
transportation of your cash, keys, documents.....


Leading Providers in Loss Prevention Security

We hold a range of bags for all uses including, cash bags, coin bags, cctv evidence bags, hotel valuable bags & courier bags. All bags can be fully customised to promote your brand.

S A Secure tamper-evident security packaging systems minimise the risk and reduce the costs of transporting and processing high value and confidential goods. Giving you single-trip tamper-evident security packaging for the safe processing, transportation and storage of valuable and confidential items.

S A Secure packaging systems are designed to:

  • Minimise the risk of loss or theft through tamper-evident technology
  • Improve efficiency and reduce the processing costs associated with valuables - handling
  • Meet operational requirements through our application-specific range of standard products
  • Help our customers introduce additional commercial benefits in customer services and marketing
  • Offer flexibility, innovation and customer-specific solutions
Our Security Bag range includes:
  • Night deposit bags
  • Cash deposit and transport bags
  • NHS security storage bags
  • Coin bags
  • Secure mail bags
  • Police and forensic bags
  • Examination paper bags
  • Key bags
  • Safe-deposit and valuables bags

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