This year, we are celebrating wonderful British Tomatoes with two whole weeks of fun and events. British Tomato Fortnight will run from 20th May to the 2nd June. Make sure to check out this year’s British Tomato Fortnight page and our new recipes.

The Tomato Growers' Association represents British commercial tomato growers.

Our aim is to emphasise and reassure consumers that our growing methods are both natural and complementary to the product and to the environment, as well as advising them of the health benefits of tomatoes in their diets.

We don't want anyone to buy our tomatoes just because they are British, but because you know they are better.


Latest news

British Tomato Conference Success!

3 October 2018

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British Tomato Conference Sponsors

17 September 2018

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Take a look at our delicious selection of free tomato dish recipes.

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Did You Know?

British Tomato growers use an army of over 40 million beneficial predatory bugs called Macrolophus in summer to keep pests out of their crops, reducing the need for chemicals.


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Dates for your Diary

British Tomato Fortnight 2019

British Tomato Fortnight 2019

A fortnight to remember!

This year's British Tomato Week was such a resounding success, the British Tomato Growers Association is delighted to announce that in 2019, the excitement will last for two weeks instead of one! Next year, British Tomato Time will run for two whole weeks from the 20th May 2019 - we can't wait already, so keep an eye on the website for updates.

British Tomato Conference 2019

26th September 2019

The 2019 British Tomato Conference will take place at Chesford Grange Hotel and Conference Centre in Warwickshire on the 26th September 2019. We'll be updating the website with more information soon, if you are interested in having a trade stand or sponsoring the event please contact the TGA Offices.

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