Broomhill Square

West End Shopping & Eating

Eat, Drink & Shop

Free Parking

Convenient Location

A Few Words
About Broomhill Square

Broomhill Square has been serving the Broomhill area in the west end of Glasgow for over 50 years. It has a range of eating and dining options along with shops for all your needs. Ranging from The Square Bar and Restaurant, a quality neighbourhood bistro, to Poboyz American diner, Papa Johns for pizzas and Greggs for your savouries and sandwiches, Broomhill Square has dining and snacking for all your needs.

It has everything for your local shopping with a Coop convenience store, Boots pharmacy and chemist, Newagents, Barnardo’s shop, Laundrette and Dry cleaners and Buttercup 7 Day Dental practice.


Available from Po’Boyz & The Square


In the Broomhill area of the West End’

Opening Hours

Opening Hours
Sun-Fri 6am- 11pm
Sat 6am- 12am






Contact Information

Opening Hours:
Sun-Fri- 6am- 11pm
Sat- 6am- 12am

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