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Welcome to The Cleveland Centre

The Cleveland Centre is located in the heart of Middlesbrough and is the largest of 4 shopping centres in the town . Home to over 60 stores including Topshop / Topman, New Look, H&M, HMV, Boots, Psyche2, Stormfront and many more our aim is to create a desirable and attractive shopping location for customers and retailers. Parking is easy with our 600 space rooftop car park with easy access to the A19 & A66.

What's On

  • 20 Feb - 31 Dec 2019
    Season Card Creative
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  • 20 Feb - 31 Dec 2019
    Car Parking
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Shopping at the Cleveland Centre

There are over 60 stores at the Cleveland Centre, from national retailers to local specialist outlets. See our store directory.

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