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  • Rosacea

    IPL and laser treatments for rosacea from consultant dermatologists.

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  • Pigment problems

    Pigment problems can be difficult to manage - you will need expert advice.

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  • Our professional team

    For expert advice, consult our experienced team of doctors and nurse practitioners.

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  • Wrinkle Injections

    Smooth your skin with wrinkle injections and fillers in our hospital-based clinic.

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The Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic uses medical skills for cosmetic effect. Whether using injections or prescription-only creams, we offer you appointments with Consultant Dermatologists in a hospital setting. The private clinic at The Royal Free Hospital in London has been helping patients since 1995. As consultant dermatologists we have an in-depth knowledge of the skin in disease and in health and can give you a professional opinion on your cosmetic concerns.

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