129 Harley Street
London, W1G 6BA
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These days we are inundated with information about cosmetic surgery which can often be overwhelming and confusing. I am hoping my website will help to simplify matters, showcasing the best and most effective aesthetic solutions available – surgical and non surgical alike.

My site is designed as a resource, clearly detailing procedures and their results. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of my team.

Angelica Kavouni

With a wealth of experience in cosmetic private practice spanning more than 15 years, Angelica has secured her place as one of the UK’s most sought after surgeons.

A combination of deep-rooted knowledge and a deft touch has made her the first port of call for women across the capital and beyond. In what tends to be a male-dominated industry, Angelica’s female perspective is worth its weight in gold. As a time hungry and ageing(!) mother of two, she can empathise with the majority of cosmetic concerns and lend first-hand experience to practicing.

Angelica is also This Morning’s go-to expert, a regular fixture in Tatler’s Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide and was a regular contributor on Channel 4’s award-winning series, Embarrassing Bodies.

Championing natural-looking results is at the core of her ethos. Together with her cherry-picked team, Angelica works to tailor the bestsuited anti-ageing solutions for each individual client and guides them through the process from initial consultation to recovery. And her dedication is matched by her skill: Angelica has developed a long list of loyal patients, who feel both safe and comfortable in her capable hands at her Harley Street clinic.

Ageing solutions and battling the ageing process has long been a main passion of Angelica’s. Launched in 2015, her medi-spa at 129 Harley St (the 'Kosmesis Skin Clinic') houses the best aesthetic devices that deliver unparalleled anti-ageing solutions and help improve skin’s health.

Symmetria’s years of expertise as a successful brand, has prompted them to partner with the prestigious clinic of Dr. Angelica Kavouni in London due to the fact that they share a common ground for offering top-tier services to their loyal clients. International travellers are able to enjoy the same or similar treatments and services offered by both clinics at a very high standard.

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