Quad Lock iphone Case & Bike Mount Kit Review

the best bike mount for your iphone 6 7

Quad Lock claim their phone case and mounting kit as the lightest, strongest and most secure available. It’s nothing new for a manufacturer to claim their product is the best available. But, as soon as you have the Quad Lock kit in your hands you know this products claims are true. Quad Lock Phone Mount Quad … Read more…

Surly Troll / World Troller Touring Bike Build Part 3

Maybe the best go anywhere off road cycle touring bike - The Surly Troll World Troller

Building my Surly Troll / World Troller part 1 looked at the decision process leading to choosing this go anywhere touring bike frame. It also covered the use of S&S Couplers and reasons to chose a Surly Troll over the Surly World Troller. Part 2 looked at the key decisions in fitting a Rolhoff internal … Read more…

Cycle Touring Festival 2017 – Clitheroe, Lancashire

Cycle tour festival

Save a tenner and guarantee your place at the UK’s best Cycle Touring Festival. The early bird tickets are available now until the end of January priced at £75. As with the previous two festivals, this is excellent value; three nights camping, two days jam-packed of talks and workshops and you’ll be fed until you … Read more…

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