We’re one of the UK’s leading providers

of Escrow, Custodian and Payment Services to small and medium sized organizations

Escrow, Custodian and Secure Payment Services


Escrow Custodian Services (ECS) is one of the UK’s leading providers of escrow, custodian and payment services. Fully UK-based, and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) ECS is a specialist in the provision and management of safe payment solutions, escrow and custodian services, on a global scale.

Safe payment solutions on an international scale


If you are seeking a safe payment solution for transactions and / or a neutral third-party custodian service to hold funds, with the authority to make disbursements when conditions are met, then Escrow Custodian Services can provide that secure and safe payment solution.


Draw-down facilities


As an authorised escrow and custodian service, we are not limited to time-scales for holding funds, and can make disbursements when appropriate, inclusive of multi-disbursements and stage payments.

Bespoke escrow solutions to suit your requirements


Escrow Custodian Services does not offer a one-size fits all, online automated service.


ECS has an experienced team to help our clients and can produce bespoke escrow contracts in order to meet individual requirements. We remain at all times a truly independent body, offering a reduced risk service.

Due diligence always conducted on every transaction

As a UK-based business we are directed to ensure strict compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.


  • We are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority
  • We are registered with HMRC and are fully compliant within money laundering regulations
  • We comply with the Data Protection Act 1998

Fully experienced team conversant in multiple escrow transaction areas such as:

To learn more or to make an enquiry call today on 0207 856 0129 or send us a message via out contact form.

Warning – Identity Theft


We are aware of a firm purporting to be Escrow Custodian Services Ltd operating under the website www.escrowcustodian.com.


We have no association with this website and we have reported the matter to the police, the FCA and the registrar.


Our firm operates only under this website. Please beware of this and any other scams.



Warning – Potential Fraud and Cloning of authorised website


Further to our previous “serious warning” that our website had been cloned to mimic this FCA-regulated company website – we are pleased to inform you that the cloned site has been removed from the internet, and is, at this time, no longer a threat to our existing or potential clients.


It is however important for all of us to remain ever vigilant and on this basis, much of our original notification still applies (see below).


Remain vigilant – ignore any cold calling – mailing – or unexpected emails allegedly from our company. We do not cold-call nor will we seek personal banking details or other private information upon telephone canvassing. Should you receive such calls or a notification that you are entitled to monies from this company (of which you were previously unaware) please do not respond or give any information. Notify the FCA and please call us so that we may continue to take action.


If you are unsure if you are reading a genuine website or not, check the URL with “who-is” to ensure that it perfectly matches our details.


Our thanks to the Police and our regulators for their prompt action in taking legal action to remove the cloned website.

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