Our Story

Welcome to the Fine Seafood Company

We make the highest quality Seafood Products from our purpose built factory near London. Our products are pre-packed for sale in retail shops across the south, a list of our stockists are shown.

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Our Products

Luxury Seafood Products Are Our Speciality

Our products are of the highest quality and freshness. From our Luxury Seafood Platter to our freshly dressed Cornish Crabs, you can not beat the Fine Seafood Co eating experience!

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Our Ethics

Sustainable, ethical sourcing

We take great care to make sure all our products have been carefully sourced from responsible, sustainable fisheries. We have constant contact with the Marine Stewardship Council to make sure all our products fit in with our ethical policy.

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We are the Fine Seafood Co

Seafood Platter

...where quality, choice and sustainability come first.

Throughout our site you will find ideas on how to cook fish, ready prepared solutions and luxury items to spoil yourself with - all delivered overnight, arriving to you in the best condition possible.

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