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Fringilla, Larus and Sula. Luxury Thames Boat Hire.

We offer a selection of three boats available for hire in Windsor, Maidenhead and Runnymede.

If you would like a superb cruise on the River Thames then this could be just the site you are looking for! Whether for a special occasion, business or simply pleasure then look no further, a trip on one of our luxury boats is for you.

We run a fleet of three luxury river cruisers based in various locations on the Thames, for more information please use the navigation bar at the top of the page, or click on one of the pictures below to see details of that boat.

Now Available

We are now able to offer a private mooring for visitors to Bray Village, The Fat Duck, Hinds Head, The Crown and Bray Cottages.

We will of course continue to operate boat trips directly to The Waterside Inn for those with a reservation.

Fringilla, boat hire from Oakley Court Hotel, Windsor Dragonfly, exclusive boat hire in Maidenhead
Fringilla, based in Maidenhead. Dragonfly, based at Monkey Island Estate.
Larus, luxury boat hire in Windsor Sula, boat hire in Windsor
Larus, based in Windsor. Sula, based at Oakley Court Hotel, Windsor.
Kingfisher, exclusive boat hire in Marlow
Kingfisher, based in Marlow.

In addition to our fleet of luxury vessels we are able to offer Filming and Safety Boat services.

Member of British Marine Federation

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