Ordering fruit baskets for your office couldn't be easier!

Fruit baskets are a great way to improve the day to day health of your employees, but actually going to buy fruit every week from your local supermarket isn't exactly top of the list of your priorities. We're Fruit2Work and we deliver delicious, easy to eat fruit from the fresh produce markets straight to your desk and we can tailor our baskets to your individual requirements - easy!


Free Introductory Basket

We're confident that you and your colleagues will love our fruit, so why not take advantage of our free introductory fruit basket and discover just how delicious and convenient our fruit baskets really are. Absolutely no strings attached - we promise!


Select a Delivery Date

When your ready for your first order it's quick and easy with our simple online ordering process. Just select the size of basket you require and select your delivery date. Once you've placed you're order we'll get in touch to confirm your details.


Fruit Delivered to your Office

With your order confirmed your fruit delivery order is complete. We'll deliver our delicious fresh fruit baskets straight to your office door and with our flexible, no monthly contract approach, you can change your deliveries to suit you.

Where do you deliver your fruit baskets to?

As a Manchester based company we focus our deliveries across the whole of the Greater Manchester area, but with the great transport links Manchester has to offer we can also deliver our beautiful fresh fruit baskets to offices further afield. If you're not sure if we can deliver to your area, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help!



Manchester Airport

Manchester City Centre

Media City

Northern Quarter


Spinning Fields




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