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This website is the first to cater specifically to the fruit knife collector from around the world who eagerly collect these items and are seeking to acquire new pieces.


Please note the knives pictured in the three galleries are only on here for display purposes.  These examples are not for sale under any circumstances.  

However, there are a number of top quality pieces which are for sale which can be found in the online shop.

If you are looking to buy several pieces then please email me through the website and I will try to discount the prices for you.


If you are looking for single forks, pairs, or other items, please email me through the website or call me on 07941264328, as I might be able to locate those pieces for you. I do have leather knife cases for sale as well.

Please call me on the number below if you need any advice or have any queries regarding purchasing a knife from the online shop:-



Many thanks for visiting.







 The above example is a French All Silver Knife which was made in Paris 1727-1732.  

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