This Months Offers 15th July 2019 - 5th August 2019

For all savings check out our offers page and leaflet. Please note our offers are subject to availability as your local store may not always stock some of the products displayed.


Keystore Community

Supporting Local Communities

Our aim is to create a ‘real’ difference in our KeyStore communities. Click to read stories about some of our community projects.

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Join The Family

Become A Keystore Retailer

Join the KeyStore family you’ll have the strength of an outstanding buying operation, whilst retaining your individuality.

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Keystore Competitions

Win Prizes With KeyStore

Take part in our regular promotions. We have weekly and great one off product competitions. If you’re not in you won’t win!

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We'll Support You Evermore!

We’ll support you by giving you the right products at the right prices. We’ll support you by funding things going on in your community. We’ll support you by giving you a nice environment to shop in. We’ll support you with great promotions and competitions.

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