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Selling Your HiFi? - We Buy High End Audio Systems such as Naim, Linn, Meridian, ATC and Krell

“I’m just interested in Selling My HiFi”-

Painless transaction

Convenient- Instant bank transfer,   there and then-

Fair and firm price agreed in advance

"I'm moving to a convenience based HiFi system, reducing the box count"

We offer great deals on Linn systems, contact us for the best possible part exchange deals with Linn products.

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Why sell your Hi Fi equipment to us?

We make the process of selling your Hi Fi components as simple, secure and hassle free as possible. It’s so simple:

  1. Send us details of the Hi Fi components you want to sell, as much info as possible. Click here to open our online enquiry form
  2. Agree price (please see below “ Moving the Goal Posts”)
  3. Arrange collection or deliver the audio equipment personally (address details below).
  4. Get paid by instant bank transfer, there and then

We buy mostly mid to high end Hi Fi components. We specialise in Naim and Linn but are also interested in some ATC, Bowers & Wilkins, KEF, Sonus Faber, Krell, Audio Research and Mark Levinson, SME, Michell Engineering and Meridian.

Are We Right for You?

If you search on the internet for selling your hifi, you will doubtless see numerous phrases like “hi fi for cash” or “bought for cash”. We are obviously going to pay you, so pointless phrases like this are not really what we are about.

We frequently have to visit some quite sensitive situations:

One thing you can  be sure of, is that we are sensitive, tactful, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Even people selling their systems first hand are often quite emotional about the end of an era. Sensitivity and integrity are often very important in these situations.

We don’t move the goal-posts and we strive to make the process as hassle free as possible.

Getting The Best Price

Your HiFi is far more saleable with boxes, manuals and if required service history. So please include as much detail as possible when sending through your enquiry.

We are Linn dealers and will offer you superb part exchange deals on new Linn systems.  Many of our customers have gone from multi-box Naim type hi-fi systems to a Linn Majik DSM with a pair of speakers. We have yet to have a customer that regrets the move!

Some of our customers are selling hi-fi systems that they have inherited, and whilst they may not be into hifi they still want the system to go to an enthusiast. As you can see from a quick Google search, many of the companies buying used Hi FI systems are not even hi-fi specialists, let alone enthusiasts. If you see “£££!!!” You know that they are likely to be impersonal, commercially aggressive and highly likely to move the goal posts (see below).

We Don’t Move the Goal Posts

We will go out of our way to ensure that we understand your system that you are selling and to give you a comprehensive price  that is fair and reasonable. It’s important we understand the condition of the Hi Fi system so that our price stands firm when we collect. It is very rare that we try to renegotiate the price because we spend a significant time ensuring we price the system accurately.

The last thing you want is someone promising one amount and then coming over with a list of caveats.

You can trust us to be fair.

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