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The Hair & Cosmetic Company Limited is a specialised marketing, PR and distribution company boasting a wealth of knowledge and experience in the beauty, personal care, cosmetics and health industries.


We can provide an end-to-end solution with taking your product to market; from the manufacturing to ensuring it is being distributed to the right shops and maximizing your outreach and exposure.


The following are a few of the services that we can help you with:


Marketing and sales strategies | Brand exposure | PR | In-shop promotions | Trade shows | Placing your products in retail outlets and distributors | Product brand design | Launching into EMEA regions | Dedicated sales teams | Live promotions and product demonstrations | International trading advisory


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Our Clients:

Our Services

TH&C’s speciality market is in the Afro-Caribbean beauty sector in the UK. Our customers are Afro beauty retailers, salon supply wholesalers and pharmacies.

We have a network of sales and distribution in the United Arab Emirates focused in healthcare and is growing. TH&C is an international company with solid plans for global expansion.


For many of our clients we currently provide the following services and below we have included a brief overview.


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TH&C do not necessarily have to be your distributor of choice but we can support your sales efforts through LIVE promotion of your products.


We are known in the industry for this skill and service that we offer.We have a dedicated team of girls that go out to the shops on a case-by-case basis and promote and demonstrate selected products. On any given day, with enough notice we can have as many as five personnel per day with promotional stands in shops around the UK.We offer single Promotions and package deals.


Whatever you believe your needs to be, we can customize a promotion to suit you. The most important factor is that your success is our success. We will listen to you and will make changes and adjustments to suit an ever-growing market place.


Contact TH&C directly to request LIVE promotions pricing [email protected].

Experiential Marketing is exactly what it sounds like, marketing your products through allowing Consumers to share in the experiences directly.With a good face-to-face interaction, a great product testing experience and a smile you have won a customer for life.


Through our LIVE Promotions team, we create an amazing customer experience that they will never forget, and with that your brand. We can also inform you of the best places and events to attend.Our experiential marketing team began in 2009 when we attended the Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE Show at Alexandra Palace where we had a team of girls dressed up like a famous African idol and tested the products on Consumers, followed by FREE sachet distribution.


Subsequent to this, TH&C attended the Nottinghill Carnival and let the team loose on the crowds with marketing and sampling! We had coordinated a dance, and involved the crowds. It was a blast and we saw a direct increase in sales as a result.


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Many times with marketing efforts, hitting a customer from a variety of angles is the key to branding success. There are many different ways to market direct to a consumer, some tactics listed below:


  • Handing out leaflets in high-traffic public areas and making sure the people you have doing it are trained, well-spoken, trustworthy and vibrant
  • Door-to-Door leaflet drops in targeted neighborhoods
  • Telemarketing – calling Consumers through a targeted list and pitching your brands and special offers over the phone.


Call us to request a quote or to discuss more ideas.

TH&C have established strong relationships with magazines in the industry. We have fantastic rates for many of our clients, and using our own designers we will even have the advert created according to the publication guidelines for you. We will edit the ad design and send to you for approval. We allow a few rounds of amends to ensure that the branding and messaging is just right for you.We are happy to discuss an advertising strategy that suits your products best and to provide you with a quote.

Media placements, editorial and features stories are not by chance! This is a carefully planned out activity executed by media specialists. TH&C have the expertise to roll out a basic Public Relations media plan to an in-depth marketing strategy via public relations. Anything from a launch party, to a customer dinner, media mailings, product placement and sponsorship. TH&C are happy to discuss Public Relations activities and how they can benefit your brand further as all Public Relations campaigns are customised.

TH&C have developed many industry relationships over the year in a huge variety of areas. We are always attending the latest events and activities and through this we have many opportunities to get your products placed into functions and goody bags.For more information or to request a quote on TH&C specialized marketing services please contact: [email protected].

Why TH&C?

Besides the fact that we care about your products like no other, we also know how to market. We build brands and have the track record to prove it.


We have years of experience in Afro product distribution and placement and are able to provide you with an end – to – solution, giving us a wealth of knowledge within this industry. We concentrate on consistency and reliability, enabling us to make strong commitments to our customers to make them successful.


TH&C will take your products, needs and desires into its care and work closely with you to find your best solutions. Customers value honesty and commitment; they demand quality and accountability and above all, they want a business they can trust.


We pride ourselves in focusing on our customers and members and delivering outstanding customer service. TH&C maintain a strong work ethic and put our customers first. We welcome your enquiries, whatever the nature may be.

Past Events

Janson Beauty Christmas Cracker Tradeshow

Las Vegas Trade Show 2018

Beauty World Middle East 2017

Nottinghill Carnival




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