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Beautifully Engineered Titanium Rings, Tungsten Rings and Titanium Jewellery

Stay one step ahead of fashion with this beautifully engineered collection of Titanium Jewellery.
Choose from the Extensive range of Tungsten rings and Titanium Rings many set with Diamond or inlaid with Silver and Gold. Plus Titanium Bracelets, Pendantsand Necklaces. This collection is made from high grade titanium the same material used to build aircraft, spacecraft etc. Titanium is stronger than steel and other materials such as Gold and Silver normally used for traditional Jewellery and also considerably lighter. It is Hypoallergenic; Titanium will not leave marks on your skin. Titanium is a silvery to dark grey, lustrous metal. You will love Titanium's appearance with its unusual grey colour, extreme strength, light weight and durability.

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