What is FibreWater

Europe’s first prebiotic functional water with EU approved digestive health benefits. Each 500ml bottle has 6 grams of chicory root fibre which equates to 20% of an average adults daily reference intake. The chicory root fibre supports digestive wellbeing naturally. Ingredients are water, chicory root fibre and lemon juice from concentrate. It has no preservatives and is gluten free and sugar-free.

Why FibreWater?

• A great way to improve your dietary fibre intake while keeping hydrated.
• Did you know that an average adult should consume 30 grams of dietary fibre every day?
• The average adult in the UK consumes 18 grams of dietary fibre every day.
• FibreWater is safe to drink for adults and children over the age of 12 years old.
• Adults are encouraged to drink 2 x 500ml bottles a day – that 12 grams of soluble dietary fibre.

Chicory Root Fibre

Chicory root fibres are soluble, prebiotic fermentable dietary fibres. They pass through the small intestines and are not digested by the enzymes and are non-glycaemic (no glucose release). In the large intestines, selective prebiotic fermentation by colonic microbiota increases stool bulk, which in turn increases the growth of good bacteria and hence a healthy microbiota.

Stockists – put icons

Tesco – online and select stores

Whole Food Market stores

Planet Organic



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