WUR E-depot

    You are at the home page of the WUR E-depot.

    In this digital repository we store documents and links which represent the full text of documents that are described in our Catalogue, Current Research Information System or Documentation Databases, like edepot.wur.nl/315410.

    The E-depot service, hosted by the WUR library, offers:

    • Persistent identifiers like DOI's or ISBN's that will enable you to easily cite your publication and (supplementary) data files.
      More information on obtaining a DOI or ISBN
    • Create compound documents existing of chapters, (supplementary) data files, additional documents, etc.
      These combined sets of documents can be identified by one single URL / DOI
    • Professional archiving of publications (theses, research reports) and (supplementary) data files
    • Versioning of these files
    • Restricted access and embargoes on these files

    For a complete overview of our services, check the WUR Library website.

    Want to know more? Please contact [email protected]

    Would you like to archive (supplementary) data files in the E-depot? Please contact [email protected]

    If you are interested in indexing our edepot items there is a sitemap available

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