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Why limit yourself to one culture, one religion or one tribe…?

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Kashba started in the early sixties, when the very first Afghan coats were brought back to Amsterdam.

We have been travelling extensively ever since, selecting our own import in countries all over Asia, mainly India, Nepal, Tibet, Burma and China

Our main criteria are quality and authencity, regardless of age.

With this website we offer you an impression of our collection and history. 

Looking at a beautiful piece of work, one wonders how and where it was made. From the very beginning we took photographs on the spot, many of which you may find here. The more you know, the more you see.

Come and visit or mail us if you have any question or if you wish to be on our mailinglist for our (very irregular) blog.

We do not sell through the website. Of course, an agreement over the email may be possible. We will, however, only react if we are convinced you are seriously interested.

Ais Loupatty 

 Ton Lankreijer

tAll photographs and texts © Kashba, Ais Loupatty & Ton Lankreijer. Webdesign: William Loupatty.

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