globetrotting around the world

Me in Costa RicaWelcome to my strange world.
Well life ain't that strange. I am living quite a normal life. Having a job, married and pets. But my life is also about travelling. I think you can call me a globetrotter. If I was born in the 15th century I would certainly had signed on a ship of captain Cook. But life nowadays has also its benefits. As long as I am able to travel I will try to travel. It gives me joy, pleasure and happiness. I hope you will enjoy my site with travelreports and photographic galleries of my trips around the world.

What is new?

  • April 29th, 2012

    In the section of my travelreports you can find a gallery of pictures that I took during my two visits to the concentrationcamp Auschwitz in Poland. The place where over 1 million people died during World War II. A historical place that makes you really quiet.

  • April 27th, 2012

    After a long period of silence I have brought my website back to life. New fresh looks and finally my travelreport of my trip to the islands Malta and Gozo.

Hottest pics from my world

  • A toucan enjoying his breakfast in a papayatree in Sierpe (Costa Rica).
  • A little redfrog close to Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica.

  • A white-faced capuchin monkey in Manuel Antonio close to Quepos in Costa Rica.

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