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E squirrel B2B E-commrceBuilding real relationships

We live in an E-crazed world. Everywhere you turn you hear about E-Commerce, E-this and E-that. Seems that some are thinking you only have to put an E in front of a word and you are in the digital age.

No matter how sophisticated our technology gets, we still are working with human beings.

Yet, in spite of all the E-Commerce real success comes from term R - Commerce, Relationship Commerce.

It is the relationship that you have with the customer that matters most.

Yes, this is more important than the price.

Terry Brock

E squirrel B2B E-commrceAccess from anywhere

E-Squirrel B2B (E-commerce) provides you with the tools you need to drive growth in your e-commerce channel and streamline and automate your business operations.

Whether your customers are consumers or businesses, E-Squirrel E-commerce solution gives you everything you need in a single integrated business application so you can:

  • reach more potential customers,
  • sell more products,
  • efficiently and accurately fulfill orders,
  • drive customer satisfaction even across multiple websites, channels and international regions,
  • build your marketing plan.

E squirrel B2B E-commrceDo Your Marketing plan

  • Send high-volume, targeted e-mails
  • Get real-time, closed-loop tracking of all of your marketing programs, from lead through opportunity to true sales revenue
  • Easily generate online forms that automatically populate your customer relationship management (CRM) system upon submission.
  • Capture all of your customer information in a single system to measure customer life cycle value through renewal, upsell and cross-sell revenue
  • Mine customers' entire purchase and interaction histories to create segments for highly targeted, personalized upsell and cross-sell campaigns
  • Understand how customers use your website and what products they're most interested in.

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